10 ways to keep in shape & workout when you travel – without the gym

10 ways to keep in shape & workout when you travel – without the gym

Quite often when on vacation, you slacken off and make all sorts of excuses why you don’t, won’t or can’t workout.

You swan around in minimal clothing when holidaying and want to look your best when posing for all those photos. It won’t hurt your chances with the opposite sex either if you’re looking your best in a bathing suit, be it bikini, shorts, speedo’s or even the most sexy of all, the Borat inspired mankini.

Proud Mankini Wearer

Use these top 10 ways to keep fit and in shape when you travel without the need for the usual gym facilities &/or weights room. I’m not going to call them HACKS!


Bands are portable, inexpensive & can be used anywhere & at almost anytime.


Find your local park & use low hanging tree branches for various pull ups.


Walk off your sinful binging. Explore a new city by foot. Better yet, go for a run.


Choose an activity that involves exercise to see a place that doesn’t involve a motor. Mountain biking, kayaking & white water rafting can give you a workout


Swim a few laps of a pool or throw the arms over at the beach.


A proper, extra strong, hardcore thai (or similar style) massage can be just as good as a full blown workout. With all the stretching, bending, poking and probing, you will definitely be doing your body a favour, ready for your next big day of exercise and adventure.


Body weight exercises can be done almost anywhere namely in your room or out at the park. Sit ups, push ups, lunges & painful burpees.


Lots of places in Asia have free thai chai at the local park. Do a google search & work out with some locals. Maybe even clear the mind and find your inner Zen as an added bonus.


Watch what you eat and drink. Skip a meal here and there when you’re busy and active. Have a salad or local fruit as a snack instead of something deep fried or sugary. Don’t always overindulge and have dessert. Try to make healthy choices when you have endless options at the hotel buffet breakfast. Drink water and save. Ditch the can of coke and drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. Diet is critical.


Look at examples on You Tube for tutorials & stop making excuses. Exercise may be that magic jet lag/hangover cure.

There you go, 10 ways to keep in shape & workout when you travel – without the gym.

Remember; just because you’re away, it doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. With only half an hour a day commitment you can come home with a tan and that elusive six pack.

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